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Cloud Mining

When you sign up, you'll get the free Cloud Miner for lifetime.Buy more H/S starting at just 5$ and earn while you sleep!

Shortlinks, Offerwalls, PTC and more

Solve Shortlinks, Complete Offerwalls, visit ADS and do many more different tasks.


Deposit or Withdraw to your favorite crypto wallet like Faucetpay or Coinbase

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About Us

Cryptoforu Crypto Platform

Cryptoforu All In One Crypto Faucet is managed by the well-established crypto platform. We've been online for almost a year, delivering crypto-related reviews, tutorials, and news to our users. You can earn additional money by using our fast Faucetpay faucets or faucet lists in addition to learning.

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Special Affiliate Program

Bring Advertisers and invite people to buy mining plans and get 10% on every sale

With our high rewarding affiliate program for users and advertisers your earnings are unlimited. There is no limit on a number of referrals you can bring and commision you will make. Feel free to use various tools to promote our website. We will not allow fake traffic and bots!

cryptoforu affiliate program
cryptoforu affiliate program

Cloud Mining

Sign Up and Get Free Miner For Lifetime. Earn 10% commision on every referral purchase

The cost of a cloud miner's hashrate starts at $5, and it turns a profit every day. So, while you're doing various activities, miners are earning you more and more cryptocurrency in the background, and they're not using your resources, of course. If you don't have time to complete jobs, you can simply purchase more mining power and earn money without exerting any effort.


Claim every 5 Minutes, watch over 20 paid-to-click ads and solve 60+ shortlinks!

As we all know, the quickest ways to make cryptocurrency right now are faucets, paid to click advertising, and shortlinks, which can be found on any crypto faucet website. Shortlinks pays the most and gives you crypto as well as energy, which you can use to start an autofaucet and earn additional coin.

cryptoforu affiliate program
cryptoforu affiliate program

Offerwalls and Surveys

Earn more by completing surveys and offerwalls from top providers

Offerwalls are an ad monetization style that has been available for more than a decade and is commonly used today. Users can choose from a range of different offers and receive the appropriate reward after completing an activity, such as downloading an app. The larger the reward, the more crucial the offer. Offerwalls can be found on the web and on mobile devices.